Reporting Incidents

At Lower Thames Rowing Club we like to ensure that all types of incidents are reported.  We report incidents to British Rowing and the following types of incidents should be reported:

Capsize or falling out of boat through: inexperience, contact with another rowing boat, contact with other object, equipment or boat failure

Collision through: contact with static object, moving object, navigation issue, poor visibility or lighting Swamping through: rough water, collision with other rowing boat, collision with other object, wash

Health related: manual handling, respiratory, hypothermia, heat stress, water-borne disease

Equipment failure: boat buoyancy, riggers, gates, seats/feet, steering equipment, bow ball, blades/sculls, safety/coaching/rescue launch, PFD’s, throw lines, racking

Land training due to: weight training, circuit training, running, cycling, indoor rowing, slips/trips

Behaviour: vandalism/violence

Incidents should be reported here