Learn to Row Programme

A great place to begin rowing. This covers all the fundamentals and should hopefully iron out any bad habits before you start!

The Lower Thames Rowing Club Learn to Row Programme is based on 3 sessions (detailed below) and this offered to all free of charge

The next Learn to Row is subject to Covid restrictions and recommendations from British Rowing, to register your interest please drop an email to learntorow@lowerthamesrowingclub.com

The Programme

Session 1 – approx. 1 hour, 50% land based teaching basic safety and the parts of the boat etc.  50% out on the water teaching the basics of Safety, rowing stroke, technique and more.

Session 2 and 3 – development rows, these will be tailored to accommodate your experience with seasoned rowers at your side to show you more about safety, technique, water awareness, swapping position and more.

The next steps

After your 3 sessions Lower Thames Rowing Club will ask you to consider joining the club as you will have experienced what we do and who you will do it with!  However we recognize that at times you may like to give further consideration or hone your techniques/confidence etc. to accommodate this you may continue to row without joining (for up to a maximum of 3 rows) but each row will cost you £5.00, payable on the day to the Duty Officer.

When you join our Learn to Row Programme you will be issued with a card to record your rows.

You can prepay for up to a maximum of 3 rows in advance, after you have completed your Learn to Row Programme.  Any rows paid for after you have completed the Learn to Row Programme, will be deducted from your Joining Fee.

We hope that you will join us as “LIFE’S AN ADVENTURE” as we say in the Lower Thames Rowing Club.