Basic Rules & Etiquette

The coxswain is in charge of the boat at all times as they are the only one who should be looking forward.

If you need to stop rowing for ANY reason ask permission from the cox first.

Do not just stop and take your jumper off, take a photo, have a drink etc etc.

This will disrupt the crew and it may not be a safe time to have the boat out of control.

A certain amount of chat is sometimes agreeable but if the coxswain feels it is inappropriate or that the rowing is suffering “Eyes in the boat” will  mean stop talking  or looking around and concentrate.

When changing crews members around while on the water, the oars must be kept outboard to help stabilise the boat. Only two persons of the crew should be moving at any point in time and the other members of crew should hold the oar handles to assist the stabilisation. 

Unlike the roads in the UK where we drive on the left hand side, on a river we travel on the right hand side.

We therefore pass other boats coming towards us with port side to port side. i.e. left side to left side.

When overtaking slower boats pass them on their port side .

Near bridges and bends, a boat going upstream must, if necessary, give way to boats coming downstream.

Motor boats should always give way to sailing boats, rowing boats.

Rowing boats should give way to sailing boats.

Larger passenger vessels which may have difficulty manoeuvring and are not always able to give way so be prepared at all times.

Keep a good lookout and be ready to slow down or stop.