Adventure Rowing with Broxbourne

Lower Thames Rowing Club on a day out with Broxbourne Rowing Club. 8.4 miles and 6 locks, but ONLY 1 pub !!

Six intrepid LTRC members ventured forth on Saturday 25th March onto the uncharted waters of the River Lea, accompanied by two strange native vessels from the  Broxbourne Rowing Club. Setting off early that morning at 10.00am from the Broxbourne club we headed north passing many more refreshment houses than I care to say. However, eventually our native guides took pity on us and allowed us to stop at a riverside sanctuary selling beer. After lunch we returned and, feeling more confident, we led most of the way. We ended a lovely day with our native friends and some of them even say that they want to visit us and try rowing in our treacherous coastal waters.

LTRC with Broxbourne 


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