Pancake Row, 28th February 2017, when else!

Crazy Gang at Folly Pie

So the Crazy Gang joined up again to undertake the “Pancake Row”.  11 Crew met at Napton on the Hill, on the South Oxford Canal to survey the scene and more importantly book a table in the local pub, The Folly Pie, for an excellent meal.

Dawn South OxfordThe next day dawned with blue sky and little cloud, but this didn’t last all day unfortunately, as rain started after our stop for pancakes.

Ron as always was well prepared with, milk, flour, eggs, frying pan, oil and firelighters, so just after Bridge 103, we set about collecting some scraps of wood, twigs and more to make a fire.  Ron in the meantime, mixed the batter!

The fire now raging soon turned to hot embers and the pan duly heated to create perfect pancakes!  All 11 crew thoroughly enjoyed the day ending up at Braunston Marina.  Well done Ron another first for LTRC.


Pancake Row



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