Social BBQ at East Beach

On Sunday a group of LTRC members converged on East Beach, Shoebury, not for a row but for a rather more relaxing BBQ. Aimed at raising money for the club it was a great chance for members of the club to meet up and socialise. Everyone got the chance to meet those club members they don’t row with and see familiar faces, as well as enjoy the sunshine and food (somewhat charred in keeping with BBQ tradition.

While some members enjoyed a post BBQ laze in the sun, or a relatively gentle bean bag throwing game, others took to the field for a game of rounders. The designated score keeper may have lost track of what was going on so let’s just say that everyone acquitted themselves well!


A lot of people helped out on the day with clearing, carrying or just contributing to a lovely atmosphere. I must say a special thanks to Laura Dunmow for helping the preparation (and carrying everything from the car to the BBQ area) and Lynn Gunn for stepping in to take over on the BBQ) but big thanks to everyone who turned up and supported the event, as well as those who couldn’t make it but sent best wishes and offered of help with preparation.

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