Spirit of Legra Arrives!

Spirit of Legra is now home with me for a short while, a few things to do before some sea trial start, so key points about her:

The Rudder is fibreglass and is light (under 3kg)
The foot plates are all fibreglass and are very strong almost full width of the boat.
The footplate are wide allowing all foot sizes to be accommodated.
The stretchers are fibre glass and are set at 45 degrees to allow force to be put on them.
There is a fixed foot plate under the seat for those with legs in excess of 31 inches.
The seats are identically spaced and have almost as much room between them as in the Celtic.
The gate pins are set up again like the Celtic
The seats are the same height from the gates
There is a bilge pump.
There is a removable extra splash deck for rougher conditions.
The rudder has a restraint to stop it lifting off.
The gunnels are fibreglass.
There is a winch point at the front.
There are stainless steel cleats on the bow and either side of the cox (these are for mooring purposes only!)
There is a back rest for the cox
There is a dual height passenger seat, with back rests
The whole boat is maintenance free, well hopefully

Things to do
Make rudder Yoke
Get a name on her
Get her blessed
Set oars up for her, we may be able to row in line, but sea trials will tell
Get a keel band on her, at least the front

When these things are done she will go into service.

Hopefully she will be fast and durable and the basis of the next generation of Spirit Class boats.

I have attached a bunch of pictures for you all to drool over in anticipation of getting her out on the water.

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